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Reading My Fic

Awhile ago I did this meme about my old FK fanfic and I thought it was about time I filled it out for my newer Buffy fics.  (Procrastinating you say?  Bite your tongue!  ;-)


Five Ways to Tell You're Reading BTVS fanfiction by Me

  • Buffy and Dawn are awesome sisters who totally get along!
  • Andrew is deep, like a geeky ocean.
  • Xander and Willow are mentioned... in passing.
  • "Um, er, huh.." eloquent my characters are not.
  • Puns!

 Fifteen Questions and Answers About My Fanfiction

1.) Which is your favorite story? (Is it the same as your best story?)

I have a real soft spot for His Angel, it doesn't get as much love as my other multi-chapter stories, but it's probably my favorite.

2.) Which is your best-received story?
Gotham Slayer, hands down. It's currently sitting at 1245 reviews and 126 recommendations.  Pretty snazzy  :)

3.) Which is your worst-received story?
The Driver didn't get many reviews.  I'm not really sure why.  I guess, the world just wasn't ready for Dawn to drive a taxi  ;-)

4.) Which is your angstiest story?
I don't usually write angst, but Mr. Spike, from my Evil is Relative series, is pretty sad.  Also, my only time travel story in the BTVS fandom.

5.) Which is your funniest story?

Unlike angst, I write a lot of comedy.  One of my favorites is Camels, Stupid, Stinky Camels.  It's a crossover with the Mummy, though set in present day.

6.) Smuttiest/Hottest?

I don't write straight up smut anymore (I tried a few in my first fandom, Forever Knight) but now I usually fade to black.  The only R rated story I have written for Buffy is His Angel.  It's a crossover with the Da Vinci Code of all things, but, what can I say, Paul Bettany played Silas in the movie and I ended up writing Buffy/Silas. 

7.) Fluffiest?
Take Him, He's Mine! A Cordy&Anya friendship fic that's feathers wrapped in cotton balls.

8.) Have you ever made someone cry with a story?
Sad Smile claimed a few tears.  Surprisingly, Andrew seems to be my most melancholy character.

9.) Which story frustrates you the most?
I'm horribly stuck on Tears in Our Cheerios, my Buffy in Anita Blake-land story.  It's driving me nuts.
10.) Which story was the most fun to write?
Around and 'Round We Go, Buffy in Middle Earth, no quests, pure fun  :)
11.) Who is your favorite OC you've ever created?
I love both Danny and Melissa from Gotham Slayer.  I love their backstories, their personalities, everything.
12.) Are you better at oneshot or multipart?
There was a time when I'd say oneshots, but I think I'm a multipart gal now, which is both good and bad.  Good, because the goal is to one day write and sell a book.  Bad, because I can't seem to finish the longer stories... *sigh* 

13.) What character do you think you're the best at portraying?
I think I have a pretty good handle on Buffy, Dawn, and Andrew.  I like mouthy, occasionally awkward, characters who have a tendency to say things they shouldn't  ;-)
14.) What character is the most difficult to portray?
I've never been able to write Willow post-Graduation.  I just can't get in her head; the character's motivations baffle me.
15.) What story do you want to write, but you haven't (yet)?
I always have a ton of ideas, that's never a problem.  At some point I'd love to do a BTVS/Watchmen crossover, though I worry there wouldn't be much of an audience for it.  Also, I'm very, very tempted to try my hand and a Buffy/Deadpool piece.  The problem with that is that I know it would turn into an epic and there's no way I can start anything like that until I finish my other WIP.  Someday though...