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I'm accidentally slashing now? Really?!

I was rereading an old SPN/BTVS xover I started awhile back and never finished. It has Andrew/Sam subtext... 0_o  I didn't intend it, at all. It could be read as one-sided (Andrew notices Sam's good looks) however, I have Cas point out that Andrew had committed terrible acts and redeemed himself and, well, Sam sort of... yeah. Maybe I've just been reading too much slash this summer or something. I don't (at least, have never) written slash, yet this certainly seems to be leaning that direction.


In other news, I have a second interview with the company that will hopefully hire me soon after on Tuesday.  If I get the job *crosses fingers* the first thing I'm buying is a new desktop, 'cause typing anything of length on my laptop is a trial.  I miss writing!