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I'm in love with this song

This is even better than the original. Love so much!


Trolls Be Hatin'

I know it’s been forever since I’ve updated, fic or rl, but I had to share.

So, my job is online brand protection. Basically, companies hire me to make sure people aren’t selling knock-off products under their name or other internet-type shenanigans. Anyway, I had this guy write me claiming to be offended because a certain website (on online forum) was not, in fact, affiliated with a certain company… One back ground check later: the guy owns a competing forum!  I’m so tempted to be the hand of karma and bitch slap the guy.

I went digging through his forum and found him and his cohorts had some fun stringing along a Chinese domain hosting company a few months back. He’s possibly looking to repeat the experience; stirring up all sorts of corporate panic by complaining to the right/wrong people. Not going to work buddy, I’ve been in online fandom for 15 years. I know all about trolling.


Things, stuff, and other minutia

Brief update to prove I'm not dead...

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I'm accidentally slashing now? Really?!

I was rereading an old SPN/BTVS xover I started awhile back and never finished. It has Andrew/Sam subtext... 0_o  I didn't intend it, at all. It could be read as one-sided (Andrew notices Sam's good looks) however, I have Cas point out that Andrew had committed terrible acts and redeemed himself and, well, Sam sort of... yeah. Maybe I've just been reading too much slash this summer or something. I don't (at least, have never) written slash, yet this certainly seems to be leaning that direction.


In other news, I have a second interview with the company that will hopefully hire me soon after on Tuesday.  If I get the job *crosses fingers* the first thing I'm buying is a new desktop, 'cause typing anything of length on my laptop is a trial.  I miss writing!

'If Fandoms Were Men' Meme

Snagged from twilight2000  :-)

The one who seduced you and screwed you over and broke your heart in a million pieces and laughed about it.
Heroes.  The first season and a half was great (twisty, turny, bad, but in a good way) then it started to suck.  *sigh*

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Cuddle Club - A Fight Club Parody

This is ten kinds of adorable. Fight Club is probably one of my favorite movies, both in and of itself and because it allows for awesome parodies. 


I've been to this dinner party...

Confession: I'm the guy... I wish I wasn't... but, yeah

Wiki and Fanlore

Back in the late 90's - oh those halcyon days! - I was an even bigger geek than I am now.

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